Core Subjects


In our English lessons, we encourage pupils to find fascination and excitement within the pages of a wide range of novels and plays so that the habit of reading becomes an addictive one.

We aim to instil in pupils a love of and respect for English literature while giving them the confidence to develop each aspect of their language skills.

We study a wide range of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and drama – we love the classics and our range includes the study of Chaucer and Shakespeare from Year 7. Throughout the Key Stages we also explore and analyse a broad variety of modern novels and dramas. We offer many opportunities for lively discussion and debate and through our choices of texts, we maintain strong cross-curricular links. Pupils are invited to participate in numerous exciting activities including the BBC School Report project through which there are many opportunities for developing non-fiction skills. External creative writing competitions and lively debate tournaments give pupils the opportunities to further enhance their literacy and oracy skills.  


As a core subject, all pupils study Mathematics from Year 7 until Year 11.

The aim of the department is to obtain the very best from every pupil in an environment that encourages the development of skills as well as self-confidence.

We want to make sure that pupils find Maths lessons enjoyable and see the subject as interesting and worthwhile. We make sure that pupils are familiar with the vocabulary and tools that are needed and have the skills to make them numerate across the curriculum and for the rest of their lives.


An understanding of Science is fundamental to a persons success in our modern technological society. At Castle School we provide all the students with a challenging and exciting curriculum aimed at stimulating curiosity and developing enquiring minds.

We aim to cater for all abilities and wherever possible tailor a specific program of study to meet an individual pupils needs.

Throughout KS3 students follow a balanced science course in line with the National curriculum but focusing strongly on scientific enquiry and learning through practical activities. We have close links with the Darwin Centre and look to promote learning outside the classroom whenever possible.