Art and Design

Art and design are an integral part of a pupil’s ‘rounded’ education. Our lessons offer a chance for pupils to express their creativity and to learn and practise a variety of skills.

We encourage pupils to feel proud of their work whatever their abilities and offer tasks that can be a success for everyone.

We also introduce pupils to the history of art and to different artists to improve their understanding of the visual arts and their general knowledge. Pupils are able to choose Art as a GCSE and can complete this through the medium of Photography if they wish.


At Key Stage 4, we offer the WJEC Art and Design GCSE.

“I love this subject and the way in which it is taught at Castle School because our teacher encourages you not to be judgemental about your work.”

Betty – Year 7

 “I like Art at Castle School because our teacher is inspirational, enthusiastic, helpful and talented in the subject.”  

Cara – Year 10

 “Art at Castle School has changed my life. I have flourished and have been pleased to work really, really hard to get a good grade."

Lulu – Year 11


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