We believe in Geography for life-long learning and we aim to develop and stimulate learners’ interest in the world in which we live. The main aims of Castle School Geography department are to engage pupils in an intellectually challenging, relevant and interesting study of the subject while increasing their understanding, appreciation and sense of wonder of the world. We aim to help pupils to recognise the relationships between people and their environment and to develop awareness that our individual actions here can have far reaching effects on other countries and vice versa.

We would like to enable pupils to make an informed contribution to modern society and the issues that it faces.

Castle School teaches the skills and range included in the National Curriculum and we supplement our schemes of work with visits, projects and problem-solving activities. At Key Stage 4, we follow the WJEC Geography GCSE syllabus – offered at Higher and Foundation levels.

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“I love Geography because I enjoy learning about other countries and cultures as well as finding out more about our own beautiful landscape. At Castle School we are taught in an exciting way that makes me more inquisitive about the world around me.”

Cissy - Year 7 

“In Pembrokeshire we are surrounded by so much amazing ‘real-life’ Geography. At Castle School it’s great because through our Geography lessons we get the opportunity to go out and experience it for ourselves.”

Sian - Year 10

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