The study of Latin is invaluable to pupils. In the lessons we bring Roman culture to life and pupils learn to appreciate the important influence of the Latin language on modern European languages. Pupils are encouraged to see the links between English and Latin words and this enhances their sensitivity to language and language learning in general. The lessons include a range of activities. Apart from the more formal aspects of learning grammar and vocabulary pupils take part in plays in Latin, play games, create visual stimuli and develop their ability to pronounce Latin accurately.

Employers and educators really appreciate a pupil who has studied Latin as it is regarded as an indication of quality.

 Latin is a brilliant form of 'Brain Gym' and will equip pupils with the ability to think on their feet and think laterally. One of the great advantages of having a qualification or some experience of Latin is that it carries a great deal of weight on any CV.


“Latin is a worthwhile subject that opens a lot of doors.”

Becky - Year 9


“I think it’s fantastic that Latin is an option at Castle School. I really enjoy the subject as it involves learning about Roman life and Roman mythology.”

Lizzie - Year 10