As a core subject, all pupils study Mathematics from Year 7 until Year 11.

The aim of the department is to obtain the very best from every pupil in an environment that encourages the development of skills as well as self-confidence.

We want to make sure that pupils find Maths lessons enjoyable and see the subject as interesting and worthwhile. We make sure that pupils are familiar with the vocabulary and tools that are needed and have the skills to make them numerate across the curriculum and for the rest of their lives.

At Key Stage 3, Castle School follows the content of the National Curriculum and at Key Stage 4, we follow the WJEC Mathematics GCSE syllabus – offered at Higher and Foundation levels.


“Maths is the most useful subject used in aspects of everyday life. Lessons work at a fast pace, pushing you to work to the best of your ability, improving your understanding and knowledge” 

 Hannah - Year 11 


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“Maths at Castle School is good – I love the types of things that we learn because you can actually use most of it in later life”

  Rosie - Year 10


“Maths is one of those subjects where, thanks to our teacher, we learn something new everyday. What we learn in class we will use on the outside”

Ben - Year 10

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