Modern Languages

At Castle School we encourage all students to value the ability to communicate in a second language and promote understanding and tolerance of other cultures and traditions. As the department develops, we hope to forge links with other schools and arrange exchange visits and trips to support our teaching and learning. We understand that it is very important for pupils to be given the confidence to speak in other languages and we encourage an easy and relaxed environment in which they can develop this skill.

At Castle School, we believe that knowledge of a foreign language is a concrete and demonstrable life skill which is highly valued by employers in today’s competitive job market.

Languages teach communication skills and adaptability. Indeed, learning how to interact with speakers of other languages can help learners to see things from a range of perspectives, develop their problem-solving skills, and make them more adaptable, resourceful and creative.


Castle School teaches the skills and range included in the National Curriculum at Key Stage 3. At Key Stage 4, we offer GCSEs in Spanish and French, both with the WJEC.


“I like Spanish because it is interesting to learn about the culture and the language and I love the fact that, at Castle School we are taught by a teacher who is really from Spain!”

Abbie - Year 7

“Castle School’s Spanish lessons are great fun. I like learning about the Spanish culture and language and I love the fact that we have learned how to make authentic tapas dishes.”

  Mia - Year 7

“Learning French is amazing. I love the way lessons are delivered at Castle School because they are fun and it is inspiring to learn more about different cultures.”

  Francesca - Year 10