Workskills - BTEC Level 2 Certificate

WorkSkills helps enhance pupils’ employability, encourages career progression and has been designed for delivery in schools, colleges, the workplace and training environments.

WorkSkills helps equip our pupils with essential skills to function in employment and in life. An increasing number of employers wholeheartedly support what learning programmes, such as WorkSkills, can bring to pupils, reporting that people who have achieved such qualifications function much more effectively in the workplace.

Employability skills are a top priority for businesses with many stating it was the most important consideration when recruiting.

BTEC Workskills is made up of a series of units. It is internally assessed. To achieve a ‘pass’ the pupil must have successfully achieved all the assessment criteria for each unit. There is no exam. 

The Units that we have chosen to create this Level 2 Certifcate are:

  • Working As A Team (using their DofE Expedition)
  • Money Management
  • Working As A Volunteer (using their DofE placement)
  • Self Assessment - focusing on their strengths and weaknesses
  • Searching and Applying For A Job - covering job applications, CV writing and interview techiques

This qualification is only available  at Key Stage 4. It is an Edexcel BTEC.


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