B-Fit & Castle School Fitness Campaign

For next half term Year 9 pupils have teamed up with B-Fit Fitness and Facility Centre to learn about the importance of fitness and regular exercise.  Over the next few weeks pupils will learn how to create their own fitness circuit for the gym and incorporate several pieces of apparatus that strengthen and work all parts of the body. 

To date, the pupils have been through an induction and found out what each piece of equipment can do. They have also learned more about the exercises which can strengthen the body’s core muscles.

Next, they will get the chance to put this knowledge into practice by creating a programme of fitness training and developing a fitness circuit to include the various exercises.

“Rather than simply provide an exercise regime for the students,” says Brett Shepard who is the owner and creator of B-Fit Health and Facility Centre,“we wanted them to develop their understanding of the need for fitness and get the chance to use their creativity.”

Castle School are grateful to B-Fit for their encouragement and technical input and we look forward to recording the pupils’ levels of progress.

B Fit