The new Math's GCSE - pupils celebrate their results

Castle School pupils were celebrating last week when the results of the new Math's GCSE were published.

Having been entered for the exams six months early staff were thrilled to learn that in addition to nearly all their pupils passing, half of them obtained the top grade for their level.  They are now busily preparing for the higher tier papers in June.

In addition to those in year 11 sitting the paper, two students from year 10 also sat the papers achieving remarkable results for their age.  They were the top performers in the school. Incredibly, one dropped only 1 mark in one of the papers and scored an impressive 98% overall. 

At Castle School we encourage pupils who are capable of taking the exams early to strive for their very best, not only in Maths but in other subject areas too.  All our staff perform an excellent job and understand the importance of providing a structured learning programme tailored to the individual needs of pupils whatever their academic ability.