Extra Curriculur Subjects

7 Character Strengths

As part of our commitment to preparing Castle School pupils for the wider world we incorporate 7 Character Strengths into dedicated lessons and across our curriculum. The development of pupils character is just as important to us as the teaching of academic skills and is essential to the success of our pupils in school and life.

Originally based upon the Habits of Mind Initiative and KIPP, pupils in KS3, with the experience of the lead member of staff for this programme, developed their own list of qualities that they felt would help them become better equipped to face the challenges of learning and life.

It involves the nurturing of characteristics such as spirit, grit, optimism, self control, appreciation, social awareness and wonder.

Adventure Service Challenge (ASC)

Pupils in KS3 have the Adventure Service Challenge award scheme as part of their curriculum. This programme aims to provide opportunities for pupils to take part in activities that will boost their self-confidence, provide a sense of achievement, and give them some new skills and experiences.

Pupils take part in a range of activities within school, such as first aid training, cooking, road safety, camping, navigation and bushcraft; and learn about tolerance, effective teamwork and respect.

To fulfil the requirements for the qualification, pupils also have to undertake a physical, voluntary and skill activity in their own time.

This programme helps develop skills and qualities within the pupils that underpin the wider ethos of Castle School.

Not only do we strive for academic excellence from our pupils, we also aim to equip them with skills that ready them for life.

The Adventure Service Challenge (ASC) is also designed to prepare pupils for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. In fact, the DofE Award HQ recommends ASC for that purpose.


Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

In Year 10, pupils have the opportunity to take part in the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh's Award.

The Award Scheme offers pupils the skills, confidence and a view on life that everyone is looking for, from employers to colleges and universities!

In their own time pupils take part in a physical and voluntary activity and learn a new skill. They gain recognition for doing things they want to do and may even be doing already! They also undertake a two day walking expedition with alternatives available for pupils who are unable to undertake activities of a physical nature.