Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

In Year 10, pupils have the opportunity to take part in the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh's Award.

The Award Scheme offers pupils the skills, confidence and a view on life that everyone is looking for, from employers to colleges and universities!

In their own time pupils take part in a physical and voluntary activity and learn a new skill. They gain recognition for doing things they want to do and may even be doing already! They also undertake a two day walking expedition with alternatives available for pupils who are unable to undertake activities of a physical nature.

Key findings (from www.dofe.org)

  • 90% of young people said doing their DofE has given them opportunities to help others.
  • 82% noted their DofE has made them want to continue with volunteering/voluntary activities.
  • 62% feel that doing their DofE has helped them make a positive difference to their local community.
  • 74% of young people said they developed self-esteem.
  • 64% feel that as a result of DofE they are better at sport or physical activity.
  • 74% of young people said it allowed them to try activities they would never have tried before.
  • 71% of young people identified improved self-belief.
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“By far the best thing in your DofE is the feeling you get when you finish the expedition. It is a huge feeling of victory and achievement and worth the hardship to get to that point.” 

James - Year 11

“I enjoyed my DofE experience at Castle School as it made me have the drive to go on to do my Silver award and gain some valuable life skills in the process.” 

Harriet - Year 11

“It’s great that we are all encouraged to participate in DofE award at Castle School because it is an amazing experience and brings out different sides of people. I like to push myself further and this opportunity allowed me to do so.” 

Josh - Year 11

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