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At Castle School we combine a healthy balance for learning, both in and away from the classroom.  Everything we do is aimed to inspire, motivate and challenge students whilst still allowing them to develop at their own pace.  

We have a unique facility at our outdoor school in Llawhaden.  This beautiful wood and grassland setting provides the ideal outdoor environment in which to explore and learn about nature and each of our prep school and years 7 & 8 pupils spend a day each week here.  

In this natural setting we can encourage child-led learning with a focus on all five senses, giving them the chance to discover for themselves.   Students gain confidence and grow in self-esteem, with an ability to assess the world around them, including risk, and learn to make their own decisions.

Recent research into outdoor learning has highlighted that students who study outside benefit in many ways - their health, well-being and physical and social development improve and as do their academic achievements, broadening their outlook and improving their motivation.

In the five acres of mixed woodland, meadows and streams on the site, the students become immersed in truly cross-curricular learning.  Literacy, numeracy, science, humanities, music, drama and art are all taught both outside and in our fully equipped classroom. The outdoor setting enables students to learn in a practical, challenging and hands on manner which enhances understanding of key curricular questions.

Students are encouraged to think independently and creatively, enabling them to put their classroom learning into wider, real life contexts. Work is often carried out in small groups, promoting teamwork, communication and responsibility. Students also gain a deep understanding of potential risks and how to put health and safety considerations into practice, all skills desired by future employers.