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Nurturing resilient, ambitious and enterprising young people

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At Castle School there is a strong emphasis on the care and development of our pupils. A key feature of school life is thus the continuous close engagement between teachers and students, which is facilitated by small class sizes, optimum individual attention and regular feedback and support.

“The school provides a high quality of care for its pupils in a supportive and nurturing learning environment where pupils are encouraged to develop as confident and resilient individuals.” Estyn, April 2019

At KS3 (years 7-9) pupils follow a broad curriculum which encourages a range of interests and provides a strong foundation of knowledge and understanding. Pupils in years 7 and 8 also attend the innovative Outdoor School programme for one day a week. 

At KS4 (years 10-11) all pupils study mathematics, English (and English Literature in most cases) and the sciences (biology, chemistry and physics).  In addition, they are able to choose from a range of subjects including art, computer science, French, geography, history, Latin, music, religious studies, Spanish and Welsh to study to GCSE level. Every pupil in KS4 is also allocated an academic tutor whom they meet with regularly each term to discuss any matters related to their studies.

A more detailed overview of each subject taught at the school can be found in our GCSE Options Booklet. 


Alongside the main curriculum there are also a wide variety of activities and clubs which allow our pupils to pursue and expand their interests during the school day. A few examples of current activities include Tai Chi, yoga, chess and Japanese. There are also many extra-curricular activities on offer at Castle School, such as a range of sports and the Duke of Edinburgh’s award to name but a few, all of which promote skills including teamwork, competition, perseverance and creativity. 

“[Pupils] embrace the outdoor school programme and participate with considerable enthusiasm in a range of clubs and activities such as yoga, walking club and Tai Chi. This engagement helps foster extremely positive working relationships between pupils and staff across the school.” Estyn, April 2019

Overall, whilst valuing the importance of academic attainment, we are fully committed to nurturing each pupil’s moral, emotional and physical wellbeing. We have an excellent level of pastoral care which focuses on the needs of each individual and keeps staff, pupils and parents well connected. Therefore, pupils attend school each day knowing they are within the confines of a healthy and supportive environment. 

“Staff deliver a highly-effective personal and social education programme that supports the development of pupils’ spiritual, social and emotional skills successfully.” Estyn, April 2019

Nurturing resilient, ambitious and enterprising young people


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